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Summer Style Trends 2023

No matter what your age, fashion never leaves your field. Here at My Generation, we try to incorporate our new arrivals in store and online to the latest fashion trends and still make our clients feel like themselves! So, if you’re looking for some style inspiration for this Summer, you’ve came to the right place.


Oversized Everything

The skinny jean is slowly moving out of our wardrobes and we’ve are gone back in time to baggy everything. Oversized blazers and flared jeans are now a staple in casual wear down the town. Dress it up or down with a pair of runners or black stilettos and it’s giving Upper East Side New York socialite!

 Fracomina Wide Leg jeans in Mid Wash €135

Animal Print:

Wildlife never dies, the popularity of animal print rises and drops every year with a new style taking its place. From the likes of sleek tiger stripes, zebra pattern and spotted leopard print, we have gathered many summer staples with an added touch of the animal kingdom
Traffic People Midi Dress With V-Neck €149


Expect slightly more maximalist aesthetic with nods to the '90s and Y2K. People are searching for a transformation in the current environment because it is so overwhelming—more self-expression and speaking out. This year is all about expression and accessorising. Maximalism shows that you are here, and you are here to make a statement. Defiantly not subtle. Style crazes of the law few trends have leaned into the “less is more” but we have flipped the switch with eye catching quirky sets.

Geisha Multi Print Dress €119.99